About Haddington Herbals

Marie Smart BSc (Hons)

Marie spent many years as a librarian but she has always been interested in natural ways to look after yourself and has always used natural therapies to maintain her own health. She has worked as a massage therapist and aromatherapist for over 20 years, practising in a number of clinics and therapy centres in Scotland and Ireland.

A lifelong passion for gardening and for wild flowers developed into an interest in using plants as medicine and a desire to combine her two interests in the field of herbal medicine. After successfully visiting a herbalist herself and taking some short courses on herbal medicine she decided to train as a medical herbalist and qualified in 2008.

Marie is fully insured and regularly attends herbal courses and seminars to extend and develop her knowledge and keep up to date with new developments.

She has been working with people and plants ever since and established her own practice in Haddington Herbals in 2010.


Alan is the other half of Haddington Herbals. After spending most of his working life in bookselling and publishing he went on to spend a few years working in archaeology and then on an organic farm.

He is now enjoying being a herbalist’s assistant. In the four years the shop has been trading he has developed his knowledge of the remedies and supplements available and is happy to advise customers with what is best for their needs.

Audrey Lees Marchbank

Audrey Lees MarchbankAudrey is a Medical Herbalist, graduating in 2007 with a Bsc (hons) in Herbal Medicine & Phytotherapy from Edinburgh's Napier University.  She has a long career in local government (Msc in Public Service Leadership) but her passion has always been herbal medicine, offering support and guidance to people with their health and wellbeing in a natural holistic way.

Audrey runs a small private clinic in Midlothian and works with Grass Roots Remedies, practicing from the Wester Hailes Community Herbal Clinic, including helping with workshops and herb walks around Edinburgh and the Lothians.  She is delighted and looking forward to working  with Marie at Haddington Herbals.

Ruby May

Ruby May is our third, part-time, member of staff. A retired greyhound who believes in taking life very easy she is happy to provide destressing for any customer who needs it, and for us too sometimes. She also enjoys entertaining children while their parents concentrate on looking at things in the shop. She is usually in on Tuesdays and Fridays.